Spring Break

No, I'm not actually fortunate enough to be on spring break this week, but Maya is. She's spending her days off from school at Jr. Zookeeper Camp at Lincoln Children's Zoo.

So far, she's having a fantastic experience. She had the chance to pet numerous animals (reindeer, camels, mice, guinea pigs, etc.), played tag, made animal-related crafts, and just had fun being with her group and their teachers.

Maya picked Yoda the python to be the special animal she cares for this week. She gets to hold him (AAK!) and fill his water bowl. Since the camp ends on Friday and Yoda only eats on Saturday, she also gets to help with feeding a rabbit. (I'm a little relieved she doesn't need to feed a live rodent to a snake!)

If Maya's interest continues in either being a veterinarian or a pet groomer, we may send her to the local public school's Science Focus Program, aka the zoo school. Although high school is relatively far away since she's only in second grade, this is still something cool to consider. With the way zoo camp's going, she wants to be in high school now!


Claudia said…
Oh my I can only pet dogs! so brave of Maya to pet and care for those other animals.
Becky said…
Sounds like a good program.. Go Maya!

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