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I love birthdays, so one of the reasons that this is my favorite month is because my birthday lands on February 23. Lucky me--no February blahs. No really big plans to celebrate birthday number 42 tomorrow, though Maya says she and her grandma have a surprise in mind. I'm looking forward to a nice dinner with Herb on Friday night after he spends the day traveling to Grand Island and Kearney with me for my job, too.

Sigh. I owe you a retraction (grumble, grumble) on my recent comment related to guns and the Nebraska episode of The Walking Dead after talking with other people. Their comments ranged from "well, there are a lot of hunters here" and "I'm sure there are more guns than people in this state, by far" to "but you like Penny's line from The Big Bang Theory about 'don't make me go all Nebraska on your ass'" and "I wasn't aware you were so attached to this land, and this seems like a random reason to be upset, especially when they're probably right."

Trivia--I hate being wrong!!

I'm really loving my new iPad. It reminds me a lot of a bigger, non-phone version of my older model iPhone, which meant no learning curve to negotiate. Mostly, I'm so excited to have the opportunity to receive something through a grant that I wanted to buy, yet couldn't really justify as part of our family budget.

What's new with you and yours?


Claudia said…
Maria I wish you a Happy Birthday tomorrow and enjoy your dinner Friday night with Herb!
GotThatSwing said…
Happy Birthday!:) Have fun tomorrow.
Amy said…
Happy Birthday!!! I hope you have a wonderful day. Can't wait to hear what the surprise is.:-)
Becky said…
Happy Birthday ! No need for apologies about the guns in Nebraska... There are probably statistics about that somewhere if one cares to research. (I don't, but will mention it to Vern; now that he's retired, _everything_ is research!)

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