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While Herb, Maya, and I went to a late lunch yesterday in celebration of Valentine's Day, Allie, aka the world's most food-oriented dog, discovered the bag of valentines Maya had ready to take to school today for the class party tomorrow. Since the bag contained Hershey's Kisses, Allie managed to destroy all of the valentines while inhaling every bit of candy. Sigh. I think I was more upset about Maya having to redo her valentines last night than she was, fortunately.

The Walking Dead returned for the second half of this season last night with an episode titled Nebraska. I thought that was pretty cool up to the line about people going to Nebraska during the zombie apocalypse because of the "low population and a lot of guns." Ugh. Stereotypes, anyone? Okay, the low population part is true. . . . Also, I wouldn't recommend coming to the Midwest or anywhere else with snow and ice for part of the year during a true end times situation because how are you going to stay warm?

How was your weekend?


sapphireblue said…
Gotta love those localized stereotypes.
Claudia said…
boo for Allie! :( for redoing valentine's and yay!! for Maya not minding re doing valentine's (she could have use the excuse "My dog ate my valentines!)
Limner said…
LOL! So the guns part isn't true? I missed last night's show. I watched the Grammys instead. First time in about a decade. They do repeats so often I'm sure I'll catch it though. Thanks for the heads up.

Sorry for Maya being trumped by her pooch. LOL. Who doesn't love chocolate?

LOL, Claudia! For real.

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