Soft Apocalypse by Will McIntosh

Luckily for me, a friend recommended Soft Apocalypse by Will McIntosh (2011).

Beginning in 2023, the book covers about a decade of rising worldwide unemployment, scarce resources, viruses run rampant, and confusion, as seen through the eyes of first-person narrator Jasper. The reader only really knows what he knows, which only adds to the confusion and uncertainty.

Despite everything wrong with his world, Jasper still manages to form a group of true friends, make plenty of mistakes while mostly just looking to survive, and even hopes to find love. Yes, in the darkest situation imaginable, Jasper still has some hope.

This book pulled me right in, and, despite the rapid jumps in time, often skipping years between chapters, and the abrupt ending, I'm glad I spent part of an evening lost with Jasper.

My overall personal rating of Soft Apocalypse is a B+.


Amy said…
Sounds good, I'll have to check it out. Currently I'm reading "Let the Great World Spin" for book group and I'm loving it! Have you read it?

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