Out of Her Dreams by Fran Lee

Out of Her Dreams by Fran Lee (2010) is now on my list of favorite romance novels, and I plan to work my way through more of Lee's books soon.

Novelist Sam Hastings bases Chance Davis, the male lead in her series of romance novels, on a man she sees only in her dreams. Imagine her surprise when pro wrestler David Chance, alerted by a fan who sent a copy of one of Sam's books for him to sign, comes to an author event to discover why her character looks--and even thinks--just the way he does.

Throw in instant combustion between Sam and David, a lot of miscommunication and mistrust, a bevy of wrestling and book fans who love a good romance, and a little blackmail to create one hot, funny, sweet romance.

My overall personal rating of Out of Her Dreams is an A-.


Fran Lee said…
Aw...I'm so happy you enjoyed Out of Her Dreams! I had so much fun writing it. Thanks for the great review!
Cris Anson said…
Hey, Medical Librarian, be sure to check out Fran's Cougar Challenge book, NOTHING BUT SEX. It's terrific!
Amber Skyze said…
Very nice. You'll enjoy the rest of Fran's books. :)
Becky said…
Thanks for the heads-up to another author, friend!
Love the basic premise of this story and it deserves its success.
Katalina Leon said…
There are a lot of other great Fran Lee books, try Dictated By Fate, too.
Fran Lee said…
LOL! In order to find Dictated by Fate, you'll need to come to me...I got my rights back and will be re-releasing it soon. Thanks, ladies! You are all so sweet!

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