The Month of Letters Challenge--Update

If you joined The Month of Letters Challenge, how's everything going so far? What has the impact of the challenge been on you?

The main impact for me of participating in the challenge--I don't actually send as much mail as I thought I did. Interesting to learn. I knew my writing and mailing habits changed after having Maya, but not quite to this extent. Keeping track of what I'm sending on a daily basis brings reality into better focus, just like with daily eating diaries and spending habit trackers.

See the Postcrossing blog for a post on Mary Robinette Kowal's challenge. In the comments, you might come across someone to become a new pen friend, as well. And there's always the option of joining Postcrossing if you aren't already a member and enjoy sending and receiving postcards, too.

Happy mailing--beyond February 2012, too!


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