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I'm more than a little disappointed after a visit to one of my local Barnes & Noble locations yesterday. Where are the books? Yes, they still have books, though nowhere near as many unique titles and copies of each title as they used to have. Instead, the physical store is consumed with Nook promotion (help desk, plenty of models to try, and accessories) and toys/games/gifts (for adults and kids). I left without making a single purchase, as did my friend.

Have you been in a Barnes & Noble recently? Do you agree about the apparent move away from the physical book, and, if so, do you find that trend a positive or a negative?

I <3 Bill Maher. We dropped all of our premium cable channels months ago, and I had the chance for a Maher fix with a free HBO preview this weekend. Anyone else a fan?

I also went on a writing rampage this weekend--and didn't get the mail into our mailbox this morning. Ugh. Anyway, many of you should receive a valentine, postcard, or other item of mail from me soon.

Hope you had a great weekend. Enjoy the final two days of January, too. My favorite month starts on Wednesday. Whoot!


Claudia said…
Well I don't read much you know that, but I really think it's disappointing for avid readers like yourself to suddenly find more ebooks and tablets and stuff like that than the actual book. It's like comparing emails and snail mail :(

Nothing beats the excitement of opening an actual letter!
Amy said…
Personally, I am very loyal to my books. As in actual books, with pages made of paper. I don't really see myself snuggling up to a kindle anytime soon. I know several people who have gotten the Kindle recently and LOVE it. I don't think it's for me though.

As for February, so NOT my favorite month. I'm glad you like it though. I'll keep popping in and maybe some of your February good cheer will rub off on me.:-)
sapphireblue said…
I like my Kindle, but there's so many books that I am not going to pay for if they are at the library for free.

Our Borders store closed down, but I love browsing there. I miss it.
GotThatSwing said…
Oh my, that sounds like a nightmare. I hope I won't live the day when bookstores won't sell actual books anymore.

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