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Allie, the world's sweetest, most undemanding Rottweiler, turned nine yesterday. The best part of her day? Extra treats and rubs. Living with a vivacious seven-year-old human child and a fluffy, demanding Shih tzu means that Allie doesn't always get her fair share of the love and attention.

Exciting milestone--Maya sold 100 boxes of Girl Scout cookies! Okay, that counts the boxes I bought to send to soldiers overseas and my nieces at college, but still. . . . At her meeting for Brownies tonight, they're going to calculate the total number sold by the entire troop. Should be significant.

Another exciting milestone--My online book club at work reached twenty members, counting me, this week while also moving to a less hectic quarterly reading schedule! All of the 2012 book selections are classics--Oliver Twist this month, The Scarlet Pimpernel in April, White Fang in July, and Jane Eyre in October.

What's new in your world?


Claudia said…
Happy Birthday to Allie and congratulations to Maya on selling all of those cookies! Did she get to try all the diff flavors? lol!
Except for the two kinds I didn't order for her to sell because we had to buy them by the case (12 boxes) with no returns allowed, Maya did get to try them all. The best part was when she tried the Thin Mints--and spit out her bite before even starting to chew!!
sapphireblue said…
Nice job selling all those cookies!

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