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The end of 2011 and beginning of 2012 found me in a rather dark place. Too much bad/sad news too close together, I suppose, more than anything else. I'm finally starting to feel more like my regular self again. Finally.

I definitely have a new appreciation for people who always suffer from some form of depression, though.

Maya gets her Girl Scout cookies at tonight's meeting. She's more than a little nervous about talking to people and making change. I promised to help with making change, but I told her that she has to do all of the talking/selling. I also told her that she doesn't have to sell cookies next year if she doesn't enjoy the process this year. Fortunately, her troop is low pressure on selling, and not all of the girls are selling cookies this time around.

Today was also pajamas day at Maya's school, so I'll have to take a photo to share later. We were in our usual rush to get ready this morning, and I didn't have a chance for a photo then. She looks pretty cute in her robe and pajamas, though!

What's new with you? Hope everyone has a great weekend planned!


Claudia said…
I sure the year gets better for you Maria I send you hugs!
Becky said…
Looking forward to seeing the pjs.... Glad she had a good experience with the cookies. Pats on the back to you for having her do the talking!

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