Photos, December 2011

Happy New Year! I hope that 2012 holds much joy, creativity, peace, and blessings for you and yours.

We finally decorated our tree on Saturday, December 24.
What can be better as a gift than a book about a cute dog?
Maya was pretty ecstatic to open her last gift on Christmas morning and find a Nook Tablet.
Putting her Nook to good use by book shopping.
While touring the Nebraska State Capitol Building, Maya deemed this the "world's scariest elevator." She risked the ride to look down at Lincoln from the fourteenth floor, though.
The Christmas tree at the Capitol Building is real, huge, and decorated with ornaments from around the state.
Ivanna Cone in Lincoln's historic Haymarket has some delicious ice cream. Maya certainly gives their Cake Batter with sprinkles a "thumbs up."

Hope 2011 ended well for you.


Claudia said…
Maya has a beautiful smile on all the pictures! I think all girls love posing...I've lost that love :/
sapphireblue said…
She's growing up too fast.
Violet said…
Lovely photographs and a nook is a great gift to encourage reading.

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