The Month of Letters Challenge

February marks author and blogger Mary Robinette Kowal's The Month of Letters Challenge.

Basically, send something in the mail to someone every mailing day in February, for a total of 24 items mailed. (U.S. total mailing days, as Sundays and Presidents' Day are non-mail days.) Also, write back to everyone who writes to you.

Learn more at the FAQ page here.

I'm planning to participate. Are you?


Derrick Dodson said…
I am - Being black history month, any postcards I am sending out will be related to this. I have a ton of USPS over sized postcards to go out.
Claire said…
wow, i dont think i can commit to that this month but it looks really interesting, good luck!
Limner said…
I haven't had a nervous breakdown in years, so why not?

If Derrick will do it, then so will I. If I remember. :(
Becky said…
I'm ready... Valentines in hand, for a start!
Amy said…
What a great idea! Count me in. I mailed my first letter today.:-)

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