Girl Scout Cookies

Me: "Maya, hold on; I want to take your picture before you start selling cookies."
Maya: "No."
Me: "It's for the blog."
Maya: "Oh, okay."

Maya didn't particularly enjoy selling Girl Scout cookies, but she's very happy she surpassed her goal of selling $50 worth of cookies. I'm relieved she (a) set a reasonable goal and (b) made the goal because I didn't want her to be disappointed.

My favorite comment of the weekend, "I need to try all of the cookies because I shouldn't be selling something I haven't even tried before." Yes, the poor girl has my sweet tooth!


Claudia said…
Maya is very smart!!
sapphireblue said…
Exactly! You have to sample before selling.
Cindy said…
What a smartie pants she is. Oh how I wish I lived closer because I would buy some of those girl guide cookies. Congrats on achieving your goal.
Lou La La said…
Awww bless her xxx
Limner said…
A smile like that should making selling cookies easy. :) Bet she didn't have to try very hard. And I like her philosophy: Know you product. Smart girl.

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