Cheddar's--January 18, 2012

Maya and I tried the new Lincoln location for Cheddar's Casual Cafe, a chain out of Texas, on Wednesday. Maya says she has a new favorite restaurant, and we're already planning to go again tomorrow with my best friend and, possibly, her daughter.

Maya recommends the chocolate shake for dessert.

The mozzarella sticks were my favorite part of the meal.

The aquarium kept Maya entertained during our fifteen-minute wait for a table.

Have you ever eaten at a Cheddar's location? What did you think?


Claudia said…
I have never been at Cheddar's cafe. Not sure if there is one near my area. But I am so hungry right now...a chocolate shake sounds good to me! Have a nice weekend!
Looks like from their site that they haven't made it to California yet. Sorry, Claudia!

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