Blogs I Love

My friend Becky pointed me to Kittling: Books, which is a great blog for readers, mainly devoted to covering mysteries. I love the interviews with authors, which always have interesting pictures and questions.

IHeart Organizing is a great site for those addicted to organizing--or to seeing the possibilities of organization. I especially enjoy seeing the results of do-it-yourself projects from her readers.

Irish Farmerette provides a little eye candy from rural Ireland, along with to-die-for recipes. I'm going to get to Ireland one of these days.

My Little Norway provides a glimpse of another country I hope to visit at some point.

Any favorite blogs you care to share?


Claudia said…
I also follow IHeart Organizing.

Another blog I like is "The Curious Pug" Alycia is a great, honest and funny gal!
Cathy said…
Thank you for mentioning my blog. I'm glad you enjoy it! :)

Thank you, too, for mentioning I ♥ Organizing. I'll be heading over there in a few minutes.
@Claudia--Thanks for the tip about The Curious Pug. I'll be featuring that on a future posting.

@Cathy--You're very welcome, and I do love your blog!

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