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Michele, my sister in New Mexico, is celebrating a milestone birthday today. Wish I could be there to mark the day with her, but she will be in Lincoln for a couple of days at the end of this month. I'm sure we can find something special to do then.

I always felt sorry for my sisters in the birthday lottery. Michele's birthday is eleven days before Christmas, and my sister in Iowa, Laura, has her birthday hit eleven days after Christmas. Sort of lost in all of the post-holiday hype for Michele and part of the post-holiday letdown for Laura.

Personally, I'm already so ready to be done with Christmas. We still need to decorate and clean since we're hosting my mom and my best friend and her daughter for Christmas lunch. I have nothing wrapped or shipped, and I have very little shopping done. Sigh.

Maya and I did manage to visit Santa at the mall on Saturday. Even though we don't "do" Santa at our house, I still take her for the annual photo. This year's Santa did a wonderful job, to the point that Maya walked away whispering, "I don't know, Mom; maybe Santa *is* real."

If you celebrate some sort of religious holiday this season, how are you doing on your preparations? Are you hosting at your house or going elsewhere to celebrate with family and/or friends? Enjoy, and remember that "good enough" is truly good enough.

Anyone putting a list of favorite books read in 2011 on a blog? Please leave me a comment with a link if you are. I'd love to see your list!

Have a happy day.


Claudia said…
My tree is up, not a lot of shopping done! and have not planned if we are visiting or hosting double sigh**

But are really ready to a two week break starting this Friday. Javier also has a two week break like the kids!
Becky said…
I am currently reading _The Saddlemaker's Wife_ , a mainstream novel by Earlene Fowler. She authored the Benni Harper mystery series and one other mainstream book _Love Mercy._ Making a list of the books I read in a particular year sounds like a good resolution for 2012! Thanks for that suggestion, Maria.

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