Romance Month: Omega Mine by Aline Hunter

Hello to everyone visiting today for Truth, Beauty, Freedom, and Books blog's Romance Month.

For my Romance Month posting, I want to share a new-to-me author, Aline Hunter, aka J.A. Saare, with a fantastic start to her new paranormal romance series in Omega Mine (2011).

Hunter puts some serious effort into describing her unique world, which includes shifters, vampires, humans, Villati (keep tabs on the supernatural), and Shepherds (hunters with a murderous religious cult bent). As par for the course with something published by Ellora's Cave, there's also frequent, graphic sex.

Diskant Black is the Omega, meaning the head shifter who can change into any of the animal forms, of New York City. In true knight-in-shining-armor fashion, he finds Ava Brisbane, his fated mate, while saving her from a couple of vampires. Of course, Ava isn't quite the helpless human Diskant thinks, and life gets interesting for both of them even before the Shepherds come to NYC.

Can Hunter maintain her momentum on love-at-first-scent through the various stories started in Omega Mine, including Diskant's best friend, wolf-shifter Trey and his vampire, and Trey's brother, Emory, and his Shepherd mate, among others? I admit that I usually start to lose interest in series after about the third book, especially when there's a story, generally the outside force causing serious problems for the heroes and heroines, that carries from book-to-book. My patience for resolution as a reader only lasts so long!

Here's hoping Hunter's magic holds.

Musical note, as done on TBF&B, for Omega Mine: Super Bass by Nicki Minaj.


heidenkind said…
Awesome, Maria! You even did a musical notes. :) Thank you so much for participating. I'm glad to hear you enjoyed the book.

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