Wonderful Mail

If you need motivation to send mail you regret not sending earlier, let me urge you as strongly as possible to just go ahead. You will really make that person's day and, by extension, life better and brighter.

How do I know?

In today's mail, I found a cute USPS Priority Mail envelope showing a card envelope through the address window. I didn't recognize the handwriting, so the mail was already special just by being totally unexpected and from an unknown source.

The contents? A beautiful Thanksgiving card and an even lovelier letter from a soldier I wrote while he was stationed overseas. I cried--happy tears--because he wanted me to know how much the support from a stranger meant to him.

Go ahead. Make someone else happy by sending a letter.


Claudia said…
That is awesome Maria! What a great motivator to keep writing!

Thanks for your words on my last post. My sister is back home and we all survived.

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