This and That

The big news at our house is that Muffin, our Shih tzu, has a boyfriend. This is the dog who normally yaps and acts tough with every dog she meets. Keep in mind, though, that my sister calls her a dust mop. Not exactly an intimidating dog, despite her best efforts! All that changed when she finally had a chance for some interaction with KC, the male Silky terrier two doors down. Maya had constant giggles over the way they touched noses and kissed.

I'm also looking forward to the four-day Thanksgiving weekend. Maya is already on vacation after having two days of school this week. Herb's only taking off Thanksgiving and Sunday, so not much of a vacation in store for him this holiday weekend.

I called Mom this morning to ask if she had any interest in making a pie for lunch tomorrow. Maya already requested an apple pie from Grandma! No way Grandma's denying her youngest granddaughter anything reasonable. Now, I just hope Maya knows she has to *share* the pie. . . .

What is new in your world?


Claudia said…
Now now sharing a pie sounds difficult! Congratulations to Muffin do you want the family to grow??
sapphireblue said…
I've got the song "Puppy Love" in my head now. Happy Thanksgiving!

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