The Red Room by Nicci French

Beware of beautiful days. Bad things happen on beautiful days. It may be that when you get happy, you get careless. Beware of having a plan. Your gaze is focused on the plan and that's the moment when things start happening just outside your range of vision.

That's the first paragraph from husband-and-wife writing duo Nicci French's The Red Room (2009).

Forensic psychiatrist Kit Quinn has one of those life-changing moments when she's attacked in a police station by Michael Doll, someone she just briefly evaluated. Three months later, just returning to work after her attack, she's approached about speaking with Doll again because he may be connected to a murder.

In the usual French style, there are more than a few twists and witty insights into human nature and society as the death toll mounts.

My overall personal rating of The Red Room is a B.


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