Child Rape

I enjoy watching college football. A lot. Especially "my team," Nebraska. I won't be watching Nebraska's game against Penn State tomorrow, though, because I don't think this game should even be played, even if that meant my team forfeiting, because a sport next to child rape is nothing.

As Jill blogged so well on Feministe:

I know you all like football. I know a lot of people like football. I know it’s fun and culturally important and for some reason people identify incredibly strongly with Their Team, many to unhealthy levels. But it’s football. It is just football. Feeling personally devastated because someone you trusted made a really terrible decision is one thing; being personally devastated because your identity is so wrapped up in your team that the idea of any member of that team being punished for covering up child rape strikes you as fundamentally unfair is another thing. It is something that should make you seriously reconsider your identity and your values. Being really good at coaching football doesn’t absolve you from looking the other way when you hear about child rape; it doesn’t absolve you from encouraging others not to report child rape to the police.
Keeping in my thoughts the children who were victimized by not only a pedophile, but also by all of the other adults who knew.


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