Blue Nights by Joan Didion

"Turn off the book, Mommy; turn off the book!" That was Maya's response as I started crying while walking on the treadmill and reading an ebook version of Joan Didion's Blue Nights (2011). Okay, sobbing, maybe, more than just crying. That's how much Didion's words affect me.

Written as a sequel to her brilliant The Year of Magical Thinking, Didion explores the nature of parenting, adoption, the loss of a child, memories, and aging in this book.

Didion writes the way that I think--bouncing from one topic to the next, which works well for me as a reader, too. She also left me with several pages flagged to go back to read through certain passages again and again because her insights are so thought-provoking.

The book ended entirely too soon for me, and what more of a compliment can I give than that?

My overall personal rating of Blue Nights is a B+.


sapphireblue said…
I have to put that on my list.

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