Blogs I Love

I love reading blogs. Along the lines of Three Days of the Condor, the 1975 Robert Redford movie, I'd love to have a job that paid me to read blogs all day. I can dream, right?

Here are a few new-to-me favorites I want to share with you:

Journey Through Words is an instant hook, both from the blog title and the fun book reviews. The American blogger currently living in Canada also has two ultra-adorable children, so don't forget to look for their photos if you make a visit.

The Chloe Chronicles: Tales of a Brazen Woman is quirky and all about keeping it real. I also like how she covers lots of topics, ranging from her children and her faith to getting her groove back and recipes, despite her recent advice from another blogger to tighten her blog focus. Nope, I'm a fan of eclectic!

My British friend and pen pal Lou of Lou La La is ultra-talented and fun. If you're looking for some creative inspiration or a new pen friend, give her blog a look.

What about you? Any blogs to share?


Carrie said…
Thank you so much for the love!! It made my day! I will so use my kids to get more readers! ;)

That being said, I'm a new blogger and it has been a wonderful experience and outlet for me. I'm home all day with my little ones (two under two), live far away from family and friends and have NO ONE else to talk with. I'm amazed at how many book bloggers there are out there and how terrific they all are!

Thanks again for mentioning me! I'm glad you enjoy my blog.


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