This and That

Here's a photo of a sleeping Maya with a snuggling Muffin from Wednesday, October 26. They were actually on top of me on the couch, so this is my best effort from about a dozen photos taken with my cell phone and an extended arm.

Allie, our Rottweiler, had surgery yesterday for an infected toenail. Maya accidentally stepped on Allie's paw almost three weeks ago, and this is the end result. Fortunately, Allie seems to be just fine. She's not even messing with the bandage on her paw. She probably doesn't want to wear the "cone of shame" again!

Maya added carving pumpkins with her godmother tomorrow afternoon to her busy weekend schedule. I'm hoping to get some rest this weekend to beat my cold, which now has my voice sounding all froggy. What are your plans for this weekend?


Claudia said…
You get your much needed rest to wear of that cold dear!

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