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Okay, never mind. I have an on-site interview on November 2. I'm pretty nervous because I've never had an all-day interview before, and I have to give a 30-minute presentation as part of the interview. Since I'm also a picky eater, I'm even stressed about having lunch with them.

Again, please wish me luck. Thanks!

For a service project for Maya's Brownie troop, she collected food from our cupboards, Grandma, and a few of our neighbors this morning to donate to the local Salvation Army. She collected 39 items thanks to their generous giving. She's very excited that she gets a patch for her vest in addition to helping others. A win-win situation.

Maya keeps changing her mind about what she wants to be for Halloween. She can't decide between being a vampire or a witch. I gave her a deadline of tomorrow for a firm decision because I don't want to be throwing a costume together on Halloween. I'm sure I'll have photos of her to share later.

Off to enjoy our chilly, gloomy fall day. Have a great weekend!


GotThatSwing said…
Seems our wishes work so far... so good luck!:)
I've been a witch once:D It was my favourite costume.
sapphireblue said…
Goodluck with the interview!
Becky said…
Bravo to Maya for her work for the Salvation Army's food banks!

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