Random Facts about Me

1. I start feeling anxious if I don't post often enough on this blog. Five days since my last post?! AAK!

2. My phone interview is tomorrow afternoon, and I'm trying to be Zen about the situation. I don't "sell" myself well, particularly under pressure, which makes interviewing challenging, and I really want this job. Sigh. Wish me luck, please!

3. I hate playing games. Interviewing seems more like a game than anything else. . . .

4. I received provisional acceptance to the online program to obtain teaching certification. That means I need to get at least a B in the first two classes, which start in January, in order to be fully accepted into the program. I don't really have the right undergraduate background for this particular program, so the provisional acceptance makes total sense. I'm actually relieved I didn't get either outright rejected or asked to take a bunch of undergrad classes. I'm excited and nervous about getting started with classes.


Carrie said…
Good luck on your interview. It does seem like a game to see how well you sweat under pressure.

Where do you plan on attending online for your teaching? I was attending university online right up until my first was born. Fell preggers again right away and looking to go back to finish up my BA (never too old, right?). Thinking of teaching afterwards (going back to the US). The university I go has a teaching cert. option so . . . we'll see.
sapphireblue said…
Good luck on your interview!
Claudia said…
Best of luck on your interview!

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