Fatal Heat: A Navy SEAL Novella by Lisa Marie Rice

Lisa Marie Rice is hit-or-miss as an author for this reader. When she's in top form, her romantic suspense novels rank among my favorite reads, including Midnight Man and Dangerous Passion. Her new novella, Fatal Heat (2011), falls into the hit category.

Max is a former Navy SEAL, recovering from life-threatening injuries received on an operation in Afghanistan. Paige is a scientist who is about to need a warrior's assistance. Paige also has a rescue dog named Max (yes, the same name as the hero), and he brings a nice touch to the book.

Max is an Alpha male, Rice's specialty, and Paige is a little less helpless than Rice's heroines sometimes appear, which I consider an improvement. They have an instant-lust relationship, and the suspense regarding Paige's work just adds to their quick bonding. This story is exactly what Rice's readers expect from her, in other words.

I could easily see this novella expanded into a full-length novel, and I actually wish Rice had gone that route. Otherwise, a very satisfying, quick read.

My overall personal rating of Fatal Heat is a B+.


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