Claimed by Rebecca Zanetti

Starting right where Fated, the first book in Rebecca Zanetti's Dark Protector series ends, Claimed (2011) covers the story of vampire king Dage and geneticist Emma. (This is a family series. The first book covers Talen and Cara, and Dage is Talen's brother, while Emma is Cara's sister.)

Visiting each other in visions for years--a couple of decades in Emma's case, a couple of centuries in Dage's case--Emma and Dage already know they're destined to be together before they meet. Throw in Dage's efforts to lead the realm of immortals while battling the Kurjans and Emma's need to protect Cara and Cara's daughter, Janie, at all costs, and there's still plenty of tension and drama, despite their relationship seeming to be a "done deal."

This second book didn't hold my attention quite as well as the first book, though. I didn't feel the chemistry as strongly between Dage and Emma, and I really couldn't understand why Emma didn't just tell Dage that one of her visions made her leery of getting too close to him. (Seemed like an artificial obstacle to fully developing their relationship.) I'm also already feeling a little impatient with the war with the Kurjans that provides the backdrop for the series. Besides being the backdrop, the war also creates a need to read the whole series and in publication order, which is one of the reasons I'm not a series fan, overall.

I do have higher hopes for book three, Hunted, involving Dage and Talen's brother Connlan and his Irish witch mate, Moira, who already created a few sparks in this book while being on separate continents. Imagine the potential for sparks when they're actually together!

Learn more about the series at the author's site.

My overall personal rating of Claimed is a B-.


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