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Part of the fun of attending the parent/teacher conference is just being at Maya's school. The classrooms are always so cheerful and overflowing with books and decorations. Right now, the hallway outside of her classroom door has the students' butterfly life cycle drawings on display, including the one by Maya above, because they actually observed the whole cycle for a class science project. Maya was a little sad the day they released the butterflies, but she loved the overall project.

The conference went well. I can tell Mrs. H. and Maya have a good rapport, and she looks forward to school every day. I'm relieved!

A few different mail-related bloggers I read pointed to the Send the Love campaign. I intend to follow the suggestion of drawing a heart with P.O. written inside on the back of personal mail in order to send the postal workers some appreciation.

Also, I added a "My Friends" link of blogs to the sidebar. If you want to be included (or want to be removed), just leave me a comment or drop me an e-mail at

What are you doing this weekend? We plan to visit a new local pumpkin patch tomorrow, so expect some photos next week. Have a great one!


Claudia said…
I plan to have a relaxed weekend at home! That's my plan anyways :)

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