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Maya's first meeting with her Brownies troop went well. Although she's the only new girl, she knew most of the other girls, and "social butterfly" could be her middle name. Since only one mom left during the meeting, I even had the chance to stay and observe. The girls obviously had a good time playing bingo, singing, eating a snack, etc., and the hour passed really quickly.

First parent-teacher conference of second grade to look forward to this evening. :)

Postal Service Workers Rally Against "Manufactured" Crisis contains this about the burden of prefunding postal workers' retirement system in a way that no other system is required to do:

According to testimony earlier this year from Ruth Goldway, chairman of the Postal Regulatory Commission (PRC), the independent regulatory agency overseeing the postal service, "Without the [prefunding] requirement, the Postal Service would have broken even financially despite the large mail volume declines that occurred during that time and without use of its borrowing authority." Goldway also noted that the ambitious benefit payment plan was made at a time when the agency was "exceedingly profitable."

Perhaps very selfishly, I really don't want to see Saturday delivery stopped, and, less selfishly, I also don't want job cuts in a sector with well-paying positions. Postal workers who lose their positions aren't going to find jobs with equal pay and benefits elsewhere--if they can even find jobs at all. Changing the retirement system seems like a relatively painless solution, though I don't hold much faith in Congress acting.

Hope your September is ending well!


sapphireblue said…
I'm glad Maya is having a great time with Brownies. My daughter loves Girl Scouts.
Wanda said…
My dear friend Maria, loved your cheery note which arrived in the mail today. And we went to the Killer elite movie tonight - hubby liked the action and I was happy with the eye candy!!!!!
Oh and Brownies, brings back wonderful memories for me when my daughter was all clad in her uniform and proudly wearing her sash with all the badges.

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