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Poor Allie, our Rottweiler, has a yeast infection in her right ear. Or, as the vet said, "multiple pockets of yeast in her ear." Lovely--NOT! Until the medicine starts working, she gets to wear this cone in order to stop her from scratching. She's moping a bit, and I swear Muffin, our Shih tzu, is laughing at her for being, as Maya and I call Allie with her cone, "a blue flower."

Maya has her first Brownie meeting on Friday evening. (Brownies are Girl Scouts in second and third grades.) The troop co-leader said in her e-mail message that I'm welcome to stay during meetings, and Maya is completely horrified by the idea. "Do the other moms stay?" Guess I'll be dropping her off and returning later, leaving her in independence for the twice-a-month meetings.

If you make a comment on this blog, you may notice a delay before your comment posts. Not too worry, I'm not actually censoring comments; I just had a recent series of "buy your medications here," "click this link for free stuff," etc. fake comments. As long as your comment is real, you will get posted.

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sapphireblue said…
I didn't stay during meetings when my daughter was a Brownie. Now that she's a Junior, I was asked to be a volunteer, so now I am staying. We'll see how it goes.

I had one of those fake comments a few weeks ago, but it was from someone asking for money.
Claudia said…
Poor Allie! hope she gets better soon :)

I wish my kids were a bit more independent like Maya! If it was Sophia she would want me to stay for the meetings! lol! Hope your week is going all right!

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