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Maya received a letter from Balmoral Castle. Yes, one of the Queen's ladies-in-waiting sent her a charming response to her fan letter. I'll share the text and some photos next week. I wish I could share Maya's scream of excitement when she saw the envelope with the Royal Mail postmark.

My mom's friend is spending some time in China. You can learn more about her experience on her site here.

My friend and pen pal Dana is quoted in a recent story about snail mail in the Boston Globe. Learn more on this post on her blog, Save Snail Mail. Some of my favorite posts from her fantastic blog include the ones on her trip to France and the one on mail delivery in rural West Virginia.

Since I managed to make this entire week about the Blue Angels on my blog, you might also want to stop by their site. They completely need to start a kids' fan club!

Have a great weekend!


sapphireblue said…
Royal mail! Very cool!

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