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The photo is of the library where I work. I'm taking a really interesting, fun online continuing education class called Evidence Based Medicine and the Medical Librarian through the University of North Carolina, and one of the discussion board sections involves adding a photo of where you work. There are computers in the library, too; this is my "old school library" photo.

I'm really enjoying this class, especially since the online format takes away from my usual (extreme) shyness in group settings. I *ahem* might, maybe have the most comments in the class on the discussion board at this point.

I definitely think I could be a professional student. I'm still waiting to hear back about the admissions decision for the program to get my teaching certification in consumer science. Except for the practice teaching, the program is all online. I'll keep you posted, as always.

How's your weather? We're currently having actual fall weather. I love this kind of weather! Autumn is my favorite time of the year, anyway, so I'm feeling in a happy, happy mood right now.

What's happening with you?


Claudia said…
That quiet library setting reminds me on my local library when I was in HS I loved to go there and browse craft books every chance I got! So glad to hear you are in a happy mood!

We have had lots of heat it's been 100-and-hot degree weather for the past two weeks or so, thunder storms a couple of days and more muggy weather yucky oh and the kids and myself have been sick with those hateful bugs that all you do is drink plenty of liquids and rest :(

But don't want to complain lol!

I am so glad you like the interviews I was so hesitant to contact people but it is working out ok.

Have a great rest of the day! Hugs your way!
sapphireblue said…
Fall is in the air. I love it! My absolute favorite time of year. I started knitting a blanket to commemorate the event.

Your library looks great. I love any library! I should have been a librarian.
GotThatSwing said…
What a cozy library:)

We have autumn already here too but I'm not too happy about it as I'm the summer fan. But what to do:)

I'm thinking about being a student forever too;) Good luck! Hope they accept you!:)
Becky said…
Nice photo, Maria!
We here in west-of-the-Cascades Oregon are having daytime temps in the 90's and night temps in the 50's! Trees are beginning to turn and we're sweltering in summer weather long after everyone else's has moved on!

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