This and That

Hope everyone in the U.S. reading this had a great Labor Day weekend. We had the chance to attend two birthday parties, visit Barnes & Noble, have lunch with a friend, watch DVDs, and write lots of postcards and letters. I sent mail to The Netherlands, China, Russia, and Canada, in addition to North Carolina, California, Texas, New Mexico, Wisconsin, and Iowa. The perfect three-day weekend!

I also watched part of the first Nebraska football game of the season. They looked a little rough, but I know they can't share the whole set of skills in the season opener. I'm hoping to see more of this week's game, though that's a challenge with a seven-year-old!

I'm feeling a little more secure at work after my annual evaluation last Monday. I think there are some big changes coming in terms of my responsibilities, though that's a relief compared to job elimination. I'll share details when I can.

How's everything in your world?


sapphireblue said…
I'm working today, but all is going well. Goodluck on the eval.

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