Killer Elite

Movie poster taken from IMDb.

Herb and I went to see Killer Elite on Sunday because we really like Jason Statham, and we enjoyed the movie well enough. I liked the movie better, but how surprising is that when Clive Owen and Robert De Niro join Statham as serious eye candy?

Just as he's building a life for himself outside of his past as an assassin-for-hire, Danny (Statham) gets pulled back into the action to save his mentor, Hunter (De Niro), being held in Oman circa 1980. All Danny needs to do is kill some specific SAS, British special forces, targets in order to secure Hunter's release. . . .

Clive Owen adds to the complexity of the job in his role as Spike, ex-SAS and part of a secret society. [There's one pretty good fight scene between Owen and Statham.]

Overall, if you like action movies, this one is entertaining enough to justify the price of admission.

Has anyone else seen Killer Elite? What did you think?

I love Jason Statham. . . .


Oh gosh, there's a new Jason Statham movie?? *Squeal*

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