Guardians of Freedom Airshow--September 10 & 11, 2011

Maya and I are looking forward to the Guardians of Freedom Airshow this weekend at the old Lincoln Air Force base. This year's free show honors the tenth anniversary of 9/11 and 100 years of naval aviation.

Herb, his oldest brother, and Maya attended the airshow held here in September 2006. I can tell from the photos that I missed a really fun day. Maya still says, "I wanted to bring that plane home" about one of the display planes she's beside in one of the photos. Judging by the look on her face in the picture, I'm glad Daddy had to handle that "no." She's also looking forward to replacing her Blue Angels stuffed plane that quit making flight noises.

Hope you have a spectacular weekend planned.


Claudia said…
Have fun! Thanks for the b-day wishes ;)

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