This and That

Here's a photo of Maya from yesterday, heading off to her first day of second grade. She had kind of a mixed first day. That really doesn't surprise me because she doesn't like change. At least she didn't have a terrible first day, right?

Sorry for the recent shortage of book reviews on this blog. I'm neglecting my reading as I search and apply for jobs. I'm also working to get back in a letter-writing mode with mixed success. At least the letters are fun; the job search is frustrating, ego-harming, etc.

What's new with you?


sapphireblue said…
I hate those "rejection letters". Even if they sugar coat them, it makes the heart sink.
Claudia said…
Well Maya does have a smile! Sophia is getting a bit nervous...I was just like that even in college, the day before school started I'd tell my mom nonstop "I don't wanna go to school, I told wanna go to school..."

Good luck with the job search!
Becky said…
I don't care what they say, it always feels "personal." Thinking of you.

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