Please Vote in My Mail Poll

Time for another poll on this blog.

I notice most of the blogs related to letters and pen pals have posts about incoming and outgoing mail, generally photos of actual items and, if applicable, linking to the blog of the sender or receiver.

Update--Good point from the comments section. I definitely wouldn't share anyone's addresses, or even full names, on posts. I'd have something along the lines of "Postcard from Penny in Canada," "Letter heading to Dana [with a link to her blog]," etc.

Are you interested in seeing those kinds of posts on this blog?

Feel free to vote in the poll and leave a comment.


sapphireblue said…
I like to see incoming and outgoing as long as the addresses are blocked out for privacy reasons.
Claudia said…
I do that on my blog...every once in a while! I agree with saphireblue addresses blocked ;)
Good point. I updated my post to reflect that I definitely wouldn't share addresses. :)
GotThatSwing said…
I like seeing what others mail looks like so I think it's a great idea:)

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