My Persian-Speaking Friends

[This post may be of particular interest to Claudia and sapphireblue for their daughters.]

Maya has a new pen pal. She lives in Iran, and she's eight years old. We found her through the pen pal program called My Persian-Speaking Friends.

To become a participant in the pen pal program, you must:

Be between 7 and 18 years old
Live in the United States or Iran
Be willing to write a letter every month or so

Sigh. No opportunity for middle-aged me to participate directly.

Maya just completed her first letter to send to the program in Massachusetts for translation before being sent to the pen pal. Maya can hardly wait for her first return mail. I'll keep you posted!


Claudia said…
That does sound great! I will tell Sophia all about it! Thanks! :)
GotThatSwing said…
Oh no... 7-18? I'm not there either... huh. Someone must have lots of work translating all those letters though. I'm curious how will this project go:)

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