Crazy, Stupid, Love.

Crazy, Stupid, Love. is, in different parts, slightly entertaining, unrealistic, annoying, fatuous, scattered, long, and sometimes sweet, IMHO.

The main focus is on Steve Carell's character as he deals with the fact that his wife, as played by Julianne Moore, wants to end their marriage after almost 25 years. Apparently from sheer boredom, or maybe from being the self-absorbed waste of space every other Gen X female in this movie is also portrayed as, she already cheated with a co-worker played by Kevin Bacon.

So enters Carell into the world of the nightclub and one-night stands--and the equally disturbing portrayal of Gen Y women as vapid--with Ryan Gosling's character as his guide and Svengali (or Miyagi, as the movie states).

Besides the portrayal of women, I didn't feel the movie showed me the connections for the two core relationships. Beyond the length of their relationship and having children together, I didn't see a single reason to root for Carell and Moore's marriage. I also didn't see much to hint at a longterm relationship between Gosling and the always fun to watch Emma Stone. In both cases, what do the couples truly have in common? Why do they want to be together? Where's the REAL love??

Let me know what you think if you saw the movie, please.


Claudia said…
Haven't seen it! Usually if there is romance and some humor I like movies!

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