Cowboys & Aliens

For Herb's birthday, he chose seeing the movie Cowboys & Aliens as his celebration. He also worked all day, and he enjoyed work more than the movie.

The movie starts with Daniel Craig wakening in the desert with amnesia and an odd piece of metal attached to his wrist. Harrison Ford plays the former Civil War officer who now runs a small town named Absolution. Olivia Wilde plays the pretty girl. The aliens are, well, almost comical in terms of looks, and they aren't at all scary in a movie that's apparently supposed to be deadly serious.

I feel like I'm on a string of not liking much of anything, but, yet again, I'd recommend saving your money instead of heading to see Cowboys & Aliens. I can't even generate the enthusiasm to suggest renting the movie later.

I'd love to hear your thoughts if anyone else has seen the movie.


Claudia said…
Haven't seen it! but my husband wants to see it...that definitely sounds like the kind of movies he likes!

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