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Does anyone else love Kevin James? He's perfect in Hitch, and I also enjoyed the episodes of King of Queens that I've seen. [I'm not very good about getting t.v. shows watched, and we may have one of the few households in the United States without a DVR or VCR for viewing shows later.]

Despite being a big Kevin James fan, Zookeeper rates as a total bust for me. Herb and Maya also weren't entertained.

Basically, James is a zookeeper still pining for a woman who refused his proposal and dumped him five years earlier. Is she an appealing woman? Not particularly, unless you're just interested in a woman based on her looks. Enter the animals, who try to help him win back his girl, eventually even revealing to him that they can talk.

Maybe that all sounds cute, but the actual execution is pretty long and boring.

Have you seen Zookeeper? What did you think?


ZoĆ« said…
I haven't seen this movie... not really my sort of thing and I definitely don't plan to after this review!

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