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My thoughts turn often to the people of Norway right now. My grandpa, always one of my favorite people, felt quite proud of his Norwegian heritage, leaving me with, at least in my own mind, a strong feeling of connection to Norway. I hope to one day see the breathtakingly beautiful country in person. For now, my heart and thoughts are with everyone there at this time of crisis and grief.

A Bookshelf the Size of the World: Inside the Vision for the Largest Library in the World is an interview in the Boston Globe with Robert Darnton, who leads the Harvard library system. The interview addresses plans to create the Digital Public Library of America, which I definitely hope happens. My favorite question and answer:

IDEAS: Who do you see using the DPLA?

DARNTON: I imagine an enormously varied public. I’m convinced there are people throughout this country who just want to write something to express their own understanding of the world and need material to do that writing … .I think there are lots of people in community colleges - many of these community colleges hardly have libraries, but now it should be possible for every community college in the country to have access to something greater than the Library of Congress. I imagine people in retirement homes who would want access to books to entertain themselves. I think there will be lots of uses in K-12 schools … .I think what it will do, in a word, is to democratize access to knowledge.

Anyone making special plans for the weekend? My mom, Maya, Muffin, and I are visiting my sister's house in Iowa for the weekend. (Allie sheds, and, since my sister isn't exactly a "dog person" in the first place, she's very generous to even allow Muffin to come.) My niece Liz heads to college in a couple of weeks, so this is our bittersweet send-off visit.

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Dana said…
My Dad was in the Navy for 20 years and said that he thought the Norwegians were the nicest people he'd ever met. What a sad event.

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