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I know, enough with the car already, so one final note to say that, of course, the body shop found $900 more worth of damage once they had the car and started making repairs. When does that not happen when it comes to cars and houses needing work done? That leaves the total bill at just under $4000. She drops her head in despair. . . .

Moving along, Herb and Maya recommend Star City Shores to anyone in the Lincoln area. Basically geared to children and teenagers, the city-owned water park features water slides and a large pool. Herb said they actually felt cold during their visit yesterday afternoon, which is amazing since we're in a heat advisory now from the high humidity and temperatures.

I found a cool site for purchasing cards, courtesy of an article in Saudi Aramco World. Saanya Hasan Ali, along with the help of family and friends, makes cards that she sells online. The money she raises through her site goes to Pennies for Education and Health (PEH) to sponsor children in India for education and health.

Another blogger, and now I can't remember which one, mentioned FairMail. Based in Amsterdam, photos taken by youth in Peru and India are placed on products like cards and bookmarks. The photographers receive 50% of the profits from sales to finance housing and education.

Hope you're having a good end of July!


sapphireblue said…
Oh no! Is the insurance going to cover any of it? I would hope so.
Umm-what happened to your car? Four grand? Ouch!

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