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With the Canadian postal strike and subsequent lockout at an end, I hope mail delivery is returning to normal for all Canadians. My sister, brother-in-law, and nephew happened to be traveling in British Columbia in June, and I just received on Thursday a couple of letters she left for someone to mail in Whistler. Yes, my sister's as nutty about mail as I happen to be, as you can tell since I said she wrote *letters* while on vacation and not just postcards, so the lack of mail pick-up caused a few issues for her during their visit.

I also had the chance to enjoy my sister and brother-in-law's photos of their trip when they visited Nebraska this month. They're very into amateur photography, with my sister even serving as the photographer for my wedding, and they definitely did justice to Canada and Seattle, which they visited briefly on the way to and from Canada. Highlights for me included seeing through their photos the gorgeous Butchart Gardens, lots of bears, eagles, and various market shots of vegetable and pastry stands. Victoria is just as lovely as I've always heard, and I'm hoping to get there for my own tea at The Empress Hotel one of these days.

For now, Maya and I are thinking about a family trip to Disney World at some point. Maybe in 2012 or 2013, though I'm not promising her a firm date yet. If anyone has stayed at the Animal Kingdom Safari Lodge, what did you think? Or do you have any other tips or comments to share about visiting Orlando, with our focus definitely being the Disney family of theme parks?

Maya told everyone that she wanted "$2 for my Disney fund and lip gloss" for her birthday. Guess we're getting started on that Disney travel money!


sapphireblue said…
The girl has goals that she's saving money for. That's great.
Limner said…
LOL! Such a smart daughter. I hope she gets there next year. :)
Claudia said…
Hope you can soon make your trip come true!

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