Random Facts about Me

[Don't forget to leave a comment on this post for an entry in the drawing to win my hardcover of The Secret Year. I only have four entries so far. Sigh.]

1. Herb just rolled his eyes when I told him this was going on my blog, but Lady Gaga and I have something in common. We both have a "cool Nebraska guy," as she refers to her boyfriend in the country rock single You and I.

2. Flying and driving stress me completely. I'm already dreading the drive to and from my sister's house in Iowa this weekend. Thanks to the Missouri River flooding and the necessity for an alternate route, our usual three-hour drive each way is going to take an additional twenty minutes each time, too. Oh, yeah--not.

3. I'm pretty OCD when it comes to certain things, yet not other things. I wish I had a little OCD when it comes to neatness/housekeeping, but no such luck.

4. I dread having unexpected company. (Refer to number three and the comment about not being OCD over housekeeping.) Actually, I dread expected company, too. I much prefer socializing away from home.

What random facts would you like to share about you today?


ZoĆ« said…
well I really want to read Secret Year so I better get my commenting on :)

I find driving makes me much more nervous than flying- I mean, there are way way more car accidents, and also, I tend to sleep through almost the entire flight anyway!

I have similar habits to #3, for example when I'm playing a card game with people the piles have to be straight and neat. Also I have to take the jackets off my hardcovers when reading them, and I cannot write in double spaced on the computer it has to be single (and double space it later). Those are just a few of the tiny ways I am OCD but when it comes to housework... not so much!

A random fact about me, I was a vegetarian for over 7 years, and I recently had to start eating meat again because of other diet restrictions (not dairy or gluten! I was diagnosed celiac) and very low iron. And as much as I hate to admit it, I love it! I didn't miss meat when I was not eating it, but I'm very much enjoying it now.
Becky said…
I have a hard time with dirty dishes in the sink. Friends say, "Just rinse them and put them in the dishwasher." My reply, "They're still dirty." They look at me like I'm nuts, and in this case, they're probably right! (The rest of the house is not so lucky. I don't do floors until they "crunch" under my feet. ;D
I am OCD-wish I could blog more but the OCD gets in the way. I have a really good relationship with all of my vacuums. I hate driving and will one day be rich enough for a driver. I daydream (see part about driver) I dread company and hear the Westin is a really nice place to stay and only 2.3 miles away.
That is all I have of my randomn facts but I think you knew them all anyway!!!

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