Forever Mine and Always Been Mine by Elizabeth Reyes

If you're looking for some fun, light reading, consider trying the self-published e-book Moreno Brothers series from Elizabeth Reyes (2011).
The first book in the series, Forever Mine, covers the story of the youngest brother, Angel, who falls for the new girl at his high school, Sarah. Angel doesn't date, he hooks up, and Sarah, sent to live with her aunt and cousin while her mom serves time in jail, isn't planning to stay in California any longer than absolutely necessary.

Always Been Mine jumps ahead a few years to a certain couple's wedding. The events surrounding the wedding allow the middle brother, Alex, the chance to realize his true feelings for Valerie, Sarah's cousin. Of course, his epiphany occurs just as Valerie's finally attempting to move beyond her long-time crush on Alex and find a lasting relationship with someone with serious intentions.

I enjoyed the characters in the books, including their close relationships with family and friends, and not just a focus on the love interest aspect of the story. The problems the couples must overcome seemed a bit contrived, though the warmth of the stories outweighs those flaws.

To learn more about these books and upcoming additions to the Moreno Brothers series, visit the author's blog here.

My overall personal rating of the first two books in the series from Elizabeth Reyes is a B-.


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