Feeling Off-kilter

So, Maya spent the last three days with her dad instead of going to daycare while I went to work. They had a great time, including swimming and visiting the Lincoln Children's Museum. Since Herb's daytime temp job ended last week, the goal, besides giving them "alone time," was to save the cost of daycare. Sounds great, right?

Herb had Maya at his shop yesterday afternoon, and I went there to get her after work. Parking by his shop is a bit of a problem, leaving me foolishly excited when I saw an open spot on the street near his building. I managed to clip the front bumper of the car behind the open spot as I attempted to park. Fortunately, his car had no damage, though my car is in sad shape. I'm not looking forward to hearing the repair estimate later today as there's a scrape in my rear passenger door and a bumper partially pulled away from the body of the car.

I know--I'm lucky no one was hurt. This definitely falls under the category of something I won't even care about in five years, likely a lot less time even, but I'm very upset and frustrated about the mistake and the cost. Ugh.

As Maya noted last night, "It's just a car, Mom. Nobody cares about hurting a car. I *was* planning to buy it when I'm older, but oh well."


sapphireblue said…
Ugh! Sorry about your car.
Claudia said…
:( this shall pass...I hit a car last summer it was really nothing but I felt horrible plus the hard time my husband gave me didn't help much...it's been a year and now I can laugh about it!
Thanks, sapphireblue. I hate even looking at the damage!!

I'm hoping to get to the point of being able to laugh soon, Claudia. I'm glad you're feeling better about your accident now!!

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