Feeling Off-kilter, Part 2

I'm feeling so out of sorts that I didn't even finish the point in my last blog message. Let me try this again.

So, we decided to save some daycare money by having Maya stay with Herb. With daycare costing $30 a day and our insurance deductible at $250, we certainly didn't save any money after I damaged my car.

At least we have insurance, though. The estimate for my car repair stands at $3000 and approximately a week in the shop. Ouch! That's what happens when a newer, more plastic car meets an older, steel-bumpered car--the real car wins.

But each day is a new day. . . .

What are you looking forward to for the weekend? Maya and I plan a movie of her choice for tomorrow afternoon, and I'm buying fresh-off-the-farm sweet corn for dinner tonight.


sapphireblue said…
Ugh! I'm sorry about that. It's always friggin' something. Let's go out and get plastered...lol!
StephanieD said…
Oh, what a bummer. Sorry to hear that but I am very glad that you weren't hurt. I had a rather bad week too, but not to the tune of $3K. If I could send you a tray of cocktails and chocolate, I would.

I hope that your weekend is fantastic!

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