Day Spring Christian Academy

I sponsor a child, Andrew, at the Day Spring Christian Academy, a school established in Uganda by Shiloah Ministries, Incorporated, a 501(c)3 organization.

The school and overall organization are, frankly, in a dire financial position. To quote the e-mail I received from Reverend Mooibroek:

We face DSCA closure at the end of this term as costs now exceed $7,000 per month, and we do not have funds for the balance of this month including being able to even meet payroll. The increase in fees for students now has diminishing returns as we have lost 25 students with our Fee increase for the Second Term. A positive note is that your donation is buying more as the dollar has increased in value against the Uganda shilling, but food and gas have risen sharply (Posho- that is maize flour is up by 25% since 4 weeks ago). Cooking oil is up 30% from the first term, diesel up 40%, etc.

I could continue to enumerate, but our current shortfall for this term is $8,000, and if we are to have a third term we need additional financial support of an estimated $17,000 added to current donation levels and student fees.
Please consider visiting the Shiloah Ministries site and donating via PayPal if you're able to do so, or please consider adopting the DSCA if you're a member of a religious or service organization looking for a project. Thank you!


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