Casey Anthony Murder Trial Verdict

What are your thoughts on yesterday's verdict in the Casey Anthony murder trial?

Do I think Casey either accidentally or intentionally killed Caylee? Yes, I think that's likely.

Do I think the prosecution proved their case? No. I don't even think the evidence existed to go to trial in the first place, and I believe all of the media/national attention created a "go to trial" scenario.

Ultimately, someone apparently being (a) not a very nice person and (b) not a very good mother doesn't equal proof of first-degree murder or manslaughter in our legal system. I believe the jury reached the correct verdict under the guidelines given to them by our system.

With the comparisons to the O.J. Simpson case, I'll note that, judging by his post-trial life, Casey can expect her life to fall very short of being all sunshine and roses due to the majority of people believing she killed her own young daughter.

Your thoughts?


sapphireblue said…
There was more evidence in the O.J. trial. In this case they couldn't find a cause of death, so there was no evidence to support murder or accidental death. Was she a bad mom! Yes, very much so, but she wasn't on trial for being a bad mom.

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